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and historical drama set in Polynesia and New South Wales in the 1800's.
It was a thrilling, turbulent time.
Seafaring Churnsides sail the vast Southern Seas.
Brownings and Trescothicks work for the Mission.
Fosters found a fortune in the gold rush.
Richmond orchids become legendary.


gwendoline ewins

1825: Amelia Yorke and Guy Richmond are from different worlds yet come together on the deck of a sailing ship overlooking a spectacular tropical lagoon. Below them a man paddles desperately for freedom. He is overtaken by pursuers. Soon pale aquamarine water is stained by blood and the lives of Amelia and Guy are changed forever.
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1803: Hester Urquhart glimpses Luke Wainwright at the Pilkington ball and falls in love with him, even though he doesn't notice her. Years later she wishes she had never set eyes on him and he wishes he hadn't played the fool. His ridiculous prank forces them into a marriage neither wants - and a voyage to the Southern  Seas neither of them could have imagined.

1857: Peregrine's wedding night is a nightmare. Stupidly he relied on others to choose his perfect wife - but they won't live with her. He will.
Years later his worst fears are realised. Although surrounded by passion In Polynesia there is no passion in his marriage. No compansionship. He is sustained by his work alone - until fate intervenes.

Stories of people who find themselves - for all sorts of reasons - on remote
islands in the Southern Seas. They encounter joy and sorrow,
beauty and hardship, but most of all life in its fullness

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1866: Sebastian Churnside is the most unlikely of men to sail anywhere, let alone to the Southern Seas. But the Trescothicks need help and only he can give it. Arriving at their tiny island he quickly realises Charity Trescothick is much more than the dutiful daughter of a missionary, just as she sees he is far more than an aloof businessman.
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Susannah Browning
is the daughter of a missionary, Joshua Churnside the seafaring son of a seacaptain. They are destined to live happily ever after - until Susanah makes a mistake Joshua cannot forgive.